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A Christmas tree bonfire

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This blog needs dusting off ! Let’s see… *cracks knuckles* A storm of events wiped me out from the face of this website the past year because of  its extremely life-altering nature which all happened in the course of 6 months! To be honest, I don’t really know where to begin. I’m still in the process of grasping the magnitude of transitions that went on last year. But it’s settling in pretty well now. Slowly but surely. To give you a quick summary on the present status my little world here’s a quick run down of 2014:


I got..


Then I got..


to this wonderful man.

Then we..


Then I went back to ..


and got bigger and bigger and BIGGER


But more importantly, in 2014..

I gained so much





I’m all warmed up for you.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. I could elaborate and bore you with details and expound on the epiphanies and life lessons I learned the past few months but I’ll save that for next time! If Life doesn’t get in the way. hihi

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Malong ni Mama : Healthy & Sustainable Relief Efforts For Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Survivors In Guiuan

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Hannah

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) has devastated parts of the Philippines, leaving thousands dead and millions lacking food, water, shelter, power, communication, and livelihood.

Read more about the devastation:
As you know we go through this kind of disaster pretty much every year, and tons of plastic and instant food is sent in relief goods. We understand there’s really a dire need for these instant-use goods, and there’s definitely a place for using these items in first-response situations, but we also really need to figure out sustainable long-term solutions to mitigate waste and help us be better prepared for the next disaster.
Sustainability means improving health, reducing waste, helping the environment, and restoring livelihood opportunities in order to help people in the long-term. Specifically that means reducing single-use plastic materials, using nutrient-dense low-cost practical local foods, using clever multipurpose items, and empowering people with clean technology and the means for them to begin rebuilding.

We, Filipino creatives Hannah Liongoren and Feanne Hontiveros Mauricio, are focusing on using local multipurpose health-promoting products with less wasteful packaging, for the remote islands in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, which was where the typhoon made landfall:
Malong Ni Mama: Healthy & Sustainable Relief Efforts For Guiuan

The “malong” is a traditional Pinoy multipurpose one-size-fits-all fabric rectangle that can be adapted for use as comfortable clothing, eco-friendly bag, blanket, baby crib, and so on. Guided by Hannah’s mom, Norma Liongoren, who’s done social work in Samar and is familiar with local culture and resources, we are putting together malong-wrapped packs filled with healthy and sustainable goodies for typhoon victims in Guiuan. Our target is to prepare at least a hundred packs by Wednesday, November 20, 2013.We are accepting donations in cash and in kind.
Send funds to Hannah Liongoren’s Paypal email address, or contact us for bank deposit details. Please let us know if you are sending funds so we can track your donations properly, thank you.

Drop off items at Liongoren Gallery, 111 New York Ave. corner Standford, Brgy. Ermin Garcia, Cubao, Quezon City. (For those who are nearby.)These are the items we plan to include in our packs:

Note: As much as possible, we are choosing products that are packaged in reusable containers, not tear-open plastic bags.

– Dried Fish
– Bagoong (traditional Pinoy shrimp/fish paste)
– Legumes (beans such as monggo)
– Dried Fruit
– Peanut Butter
– Banana Chips
Note: We are purchasing peanut butter (made with peanuts, butter, and coconut sugar) and banana chips from the livelihood projects of Foundation of Our Lady of Peace Mission run by Sr. Eva Maamo. ( This means we hit two birds with one stone– helping typhoon victims and supporting local communities at the same time!

– Malong
– Any clean clothes, sorted (adult and child) *

– Rain boots *
– Slippers *
– Rubber shoes *

– Lagundi Syrup
– Vitamin C
– Virgin Coconut Oil
– Malunggay Capsules

– Matches
– Solar Powered Cellphone Chargers *
– Water Purification Materials *

* Items marked with asterisks are those that we need more help in acquiring.

Please help us spread the word. <3 Thank you so much! Let us know your feedback or questions anytime.
- Hannah Liongoren ( & Feanne Hontiveros Mauricio (

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Old and New

Posted on January 8, 2012 by Hannah

I was preparing the photos I’d post here of the holidays spent quietly in our family’s compound in the province while mindlessly watching the pilot episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where Ross agonize being newly divorce at age 26 and it dawned on me that I saw this episode when I was 10 and now I’m the same age as the characters. Nostalgia came rushing in while looking at photos of the holidays with cousins I grew up with who now have their own families and baby cousins are all turning into tweens. Every single year i don’t know why I bother commenting on how tall they’re all getting. I also gave our grandparents’ old abandoned (almost dilapidated) house a visit and the current state of the once glorious house and my lola’s garden where we spent most of the family gatherings a decade and a half ago magnifies how life really is short and we just slip into our present selves without realizing it.

When i was 10 I couldn’t wait to be an adult and it seems 26 is far out future like how 80s movies depict the 2000s the utlra modern civilization with flying cars and hologram phones. Alas it’s 2012 already and I still feel like there’s something I ought to be when I turn this and that age. But at this point I’m relishing this time of my life. Taking my sweet time to realize my hopes and dreams and living in the present. :D Happy 2012 everyone! As a little tribute to the new year ahead my cousins,nieces and nephews spontaneously worked on this wall art project in the family compound celebrating our family name.

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An Update

Posted on December 15, 2011 by Hannah

I’m alive! I have no excuse for being absent in this blog except that I find it difficult to write anything substantial the past few months.

2012 will be different though. My good friend Wiji – an illustrator,tattoo artist extraordinaire and also a close friend who I met during my active blogging days in Livejournal 4 years ago, assumed the role of blogging nagger, so I would update this journal from time to time and vice versa to her.

I’ve just been working hard that’s all. Here are the “work” I speak of.

This is an animated video about a Volunteering Conference produced by a studio based in London – Paperboat Creative. I supplied illustrations for this which you can watch here.

After that, I think around August. Mark commissioned me to work on the illustrations for an infommercial for PLDT. Here are some screencaps from the video and various lady puppets that they animated which i found amusing.

Then last November I designed the exhibit of Manikako for PETA’s awareness campaign for Child Protection Law entitled “Pagmasdan ang Kabataan.” Gabie Osorio’s works of delight was the main feature of this show. Including some artist dolls from our Podium exhibition 3 years back.

Such colorful works! Ok.. that’s it.. that was pretty fun.. I hope i don’t have to drag myself to update this thing the next time around :D

Oh and P.S.

I’m also updating my website! FINALLY!

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Rizal 150, Museum trips and other segues

Posted on August 3, 2011 by Hannah

June was a blur like my photos in this entry. I’ve been wanting to post these since about a month ago. It’s a collection of random cultural events, exhibit openings, and museum visits around the metro during the patriotic month of June. The photo above in particular is the grand event in Intramuros, Manila celebrating our National hero – Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday. My mom and I braved the traffic despite the very bad weather that day. It’s a little sad that a few people showed up in the event after all the efforts.

To add to my mother’s delight i wore an indigenous top from Bilaan, a minority tribe from Southern part of the Philippines, Mindano. She’s a huge advocate of local weaving and living traditions. This is me being blessed by an actor playing Father Domingo, Rizal’s former teacher in Ateneo.

A quirky performance art by sculptor Leeroy.

There was also this beautiful exhibit in UP Bulwagan, in my old university’s library featuring about a hundred (i think) traditional clothing we’d like to call “Terno”. Incidentally two good friends worked on this exhibit, who only met each other during the opening. It’s strange seeing them in this setting.

I’m in love with this piece

My mom was again very pleased when i agreed to wear this rigid vintage Baro to partner with her outfit. I had to rush to another place down south for a girl’s night out wearing this.

I had a meeting in National Museum for an event our gallery is mounting on november and had an awesome opportunity to see this area which is being restored. There use to be flooring in the middle of the courtyard to maximize the space. This use to be where the congress is until NM repossessed it.

This is the National Museum’s director. Man, i forgot his name.. He is cute. Unfortunately he’s gay and taken.. sad.

There’s also this other exhibit in Vargas Museum dedicated to Jose Rizal and one of the artists from my small illustration agency got featured.

This is Mike Vincent with his work.

Lovely couple artist Mr. Jon and Pam Santos

Ok that’s it for now.. Oh July and August! x___x


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Posted on June 29, 2011 by Hannah

Photography by Rene Araneta

I just realized I’ve forgotten about this project from last year entirely. It seriously didn’t exist in my head until a few moments ago during a conference call when the client sent a visual reference that reminded me of this job. The talented Architect Edwin Uy (whose work i admired prior to finding out he designed it) invited me to work on the wall illustrations for Missy Bon Bon – a newly launched breadshop franchise in Cagayan city, Philippines last year. I was based in Saigon when I worked on this and I haven’t been able to visit the actual bakeshop yet since it’s far from Manila. Apparently these photos has been sitting in my inbox since April of last year and I only saw it now! I guess I was busy moving houses at that time so it wasn’t really my top priority or perhaps riding motorbikes everyday gives permanent brain damage. eheh..

I also found my initial studies from my email correspondence with Edwin.

It evolved to this. I like the initial direction better but then again the final work is more happy and warm which was in line with brand’s identity.

aww, now i’m craving for pastries.. yep – see what i did just there, subliminal manipulation… nuninuni..

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The Making of the Ghost in the Machine

Posted on June 20, 2011 by Hannah

Hmm where to begin? I’ll try my best to recreate the experience here cause it really was a memorable one. Please bear with me. It has been almost two months now since this show opened, so i hope i didn’t miss anything.

On May 3, Liongoren Gallery opened it’s doors with “The Ghost in the Machine” exhibition. It’s ironic that I’m only posting about it now since we’re already wrapping up the show and obviously I’m just being sentimental. I guess i’ve grown attached to the artworks since I lived with them for over a month now.. eep x___x . This exhibit is the brain(heart)child of Goldie Poblador. Also the very first show I was closely involved with in my parents’ gallery, i played the role of exhibit designer/coordinator, which is something new and yet strangely familiar to me (not to sound pretentious or anything). It  all began back in 2009 when i approached Goldie about doing an exhibition in our gallery. It was during this time when I was just about to finish my Interior design course and simultaneously supervising the renovations in the gallery while finalizing my decision about working Vietnam. There was so much changes happening in my life that it was a wonderful break when Goldie saw the space I redesigned and agreed to do a show! I really admired Goldie’s installation work from her thesis exhibit and the preceding installations she worked on after that and you can’t imagine how excited I was with what she’ll come up with in our gallery space.

A year and a handful of email correspondence later “The Ghost in the Machine” was born and subsequently conceived a special tribute performance art “Flight of the Primal Being” by our friends Vinty Lava, Denise Castillo and Martin De Mesa. I didn’t really know Goldie well aside from being team mates in bowling (Team Burton) and our spaghetti binging sessions in college but now i admire Goldie not only for the work she does but also for her heart. It was really great working with a sincere artist such as herself. I’m not very articulate so I’ll let the photos and video speak for itself. Enjoy!

December 2010 : My first visit at her studio/house

Goldie demonstrating how she creates her delicate glass sculptures. Look..

January 2011: Trip to Anggono

Goldie and I headed to Anggono to check out the progress of her works which was being polished by Mang Rading the framer and Mang Charlie the cement sculptor.

originally the sculptures look like this. That’s Charlie on the far right talking to Goldie.

Since Antipolo was on the way, we visited my dad for awhile… I just had to make a little tribute since it was father’s day yesterday and this photo is so pleasant to look at. (/segue)

Late April 2011: Day 1 Installation

During the 1st Day of installation, the two main pieces were delivered from Angono by Mang Charlie’s battalion of assistants.

1st  the “Bird Goddess”

and then came “Goddess of the Now”

Day 2

Day 3

The next day, I saw this little creature resting in one of Godlie’s cement artworks.

This is IC – the artist/boyfriend/curator extraordinaire of Goldie’s show. We borrowed him for a while from Ateneo gallery.

I asked Goldie to make a hand made Title board and look at what she came up with –  photo of the work in progress.

Goldie and IC Installing the title board.

TARAN! It’s all done! Thanks to my brother for taking Photos of the space.

The last two photos are by Erik Liongoren. To see more of this exhibit go here.

Flight of the Primal Being
We shot Martin the talented performance artist in our studio with the help of my dear friends Digo and Jj with the direction of Denise Castillo the video artist.

Vinty Lava the one who created music for the Flight of the Primal Being talking to IC, in one of our brainstorming sessions.

May 3 2011: The opening

AA little incense ceremony before the opening time.

The crowd.

Fine arts friends reunited! Friday and Denise the foxy ladies on the right are responsible for the write up of the exhibit press release and video art of Flight of the Primal being.

That’s Pog with stoked Goldie.. Pog wrote the beautiful wall notes you see above. Which you can read here.

It was such a long day, but it was beautiful.

Goldie in her element – lotus position during the late hours of the night.

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Dagupan City

Posted on June 7, 2011 by Hannah

I’ve been a delinquent in this journal for so long and  hopefully I could set the momentum again with a subject that seems to be recurring in this blog (it’s unintentional mind you): Family – a subject that seems to be amusing me lately. Only this time it’s about a place I associate greatly with family, Dagupan City. My mother’s hometown province in the northern side of the Philippines. It’s also the setting where my childhood summers and holy weeks took place with the company of unlimited supply of playmates – cousins! I’ve seen the place evolved and the kids i grew up with are now adults replaced by another generation of youngsters. It amazes me how I’m still fascinated with this city despite the familiarity. Let me show you how our family spends the holidays together, Dagupanian style. : )

If you’re passing through Dagupan be sure to have lunch at Soratos Eatery – the best seafood restaurant ever!! and our family’s staple food source.

Papa the cat fish.

This was the first sunrise of 2011. My cousins and I drove to the nearby beach. Hello 2011 : )

Last April I spent the Holy week in Dagupan. Apparently there’s a new boat ride campaign for city’s tourism and my uncle suggested that we try it out together. It’s one of those perfect days that started with the perfect breakfast – Champorado (chocolate rice porridge) for champions and deep fried dilis dipped in vinegar.

scruffy looking cousin.

The bridge and the man under it.

We stopped over the oldest house in Dagupan.

My uncle and cousin setting up the mood music (nipple slip.. >_<). We went back to the family compound to have lunch. I was busy taking photos while my aunts and lady cousins cooked freshly caught seafood from our boa trip earlier.

my little niece, Anna – so shy and dainty.

3 Ostriches and 1 horse in our uncle’s backyard.

mid sentence.


my adorable niece Neya with her honest to goodness smile. SQUEEEZZE.

Last days of summer ….

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