T.A.S.C – Day 1 : Dealing with Infatuation and a Mundane Pen

Posted on August 9, 2011 by Hannah

I got this sign pen from my old office in Vietnam and since I’m abstaining from buying anything from the bookshop until i finish my art supplies in stock, I’m left with no choice but to use this Vietnamese brand sign pen to good use. The lines it produce is quite thick and not easy to control since it’s ball point and not felt tip, especially with my notebook’s limited drawing area but here’s the result. I’ll scan this I promise.

I produced this artwork today with that pen and another grey highlighter from a Japanese store i impulsively go-to when I’m bored back in my old flat in Saigon. The other day, my good Aussie friend and I agreed to send each other a drawing about our day (everyday) to keep in touch and this is what i sent him today. I’ve been bingeing on Wes Anderson films. His works are my go-to movies if i feel like being sedated from real life. His well crafted production design sensibilities and dainty characters had been lulling me to sleep the past few. But since his films are mostly stories about family that i can identify with, I’m not entirely plucked out of my reality, just sedated enough for the next day. A good thing i guess.

The picture i drew is based on this scene from The Royal Tenembaums.

Oh and one more thing, I have a serious infatuation with Adrian Brody ever since i could remember. There’s something soothing and relaxing about his demeanor. I discovered some time ago that not a lot of people find him attractive. It’s weird.. I’ve been drawing him too, I’ll post it when it’s ready.


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