Cribs and Lullabies

Posted on January 15, 2015 by Hannah

duyan title

Wow, I’ve been trying to post this entry for more than a month now! Hopefully this attempt would be the last. It’s the big three-O ladies and gents and i must say I never would’ve imagined myself being married and a mother at this point in my life. For one thing, I remember telling myself 5 years ago that I’d allow myself to be silly and carefree in navigating my life till’ I’m 30, accepting “what is” (a.k.a. the hippie excuse to forgive myself whenever I make irrational decisions that don’t turn out well hehe). So, it’s funny how the universe respond to declarations like this. I suppose I was doing something right in surrendering my fate to destiny. I couldn’t be more grateful to find myself where I’am now; In bed with my sweet little daughter Lumen and a snoozing wonderful husband. I might’ve stumbled into this life quite unconventionally but that’s how I roll baby, or perhaps I’ve secretly coveted it, who knows? I’ll keep wondering too. All I know is I’am overjoyed and my heart is in the right place.

It’s only been 6 weeks ago when Alex and I banged out this crib inspired by duyan, a hammock crib crafted in the Philippines. We learned to macrame and routed the wooden frames in our workshop and finished the crib in a day. 2 days later I found myself in the hospital in labor for Lumen’s world debut.

duyan 8 duyan 7

duyan 6

duyan 9

duyan 5


duyan 4

duyan 10

duyan 1

duyan  3




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The graveyard

Posted on January 11, 2015 by Hannah



A Christmas tree bonfire

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Deliberate Distractions

Posted on January 10, 2015 by Hannah

The holidays are over and I’m on the verge of starting a new project that I need to finish in two weeks time as my last gig for school this Wintersession. It’s important that I finish before I get immersed into baby land. I have an idea of what to do and It’s mapped out in my head but churning it out is a struggle at the moment. I won’t really mind my procrastination process if not for the daunting arrival of our first born. I just wish sometimes I could compartmentalise my time deliberately when it comes to creating new work. Speaking of random deliberate distractions, Alex and I have been amused with this series of packages we’ve been receiving from Bobcat in a box. It’s a goofy service that Alex subscribed to for at least 6 months that was based on the comic below. It finds you 1 dollar objects in eBay and sends you random packages in certain periods of the month . It’s ridiculous.



Here’s the stuff we got so far.

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Posted on January 6, 2015 by Hannah



This blog needs dusting off ! Let’s see… *cracks knuckles* A storm of events wiped me out from the face of this website the past year because of  its extremely life-altering nature which all happened in the course of 6 months! To be honest, I don’t really know where to begin. I’m still in the process of grasping the magnitude of transitions that went on last year. But it’s settling in pretty well now. Slowly but surely. To give you a quick summary on the present status my little world here’s a quick run down of 2014:


I got..


Then I got..


to this wonderful man.

Then we..


Then I went back to ..


and got bigger and bigger and BIGGER


But more importantly, in 2014..

I gained so much





I’m all warmed up for you.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. I could elaborate and bore you with details and expound on the epiphanies and life lessons I learned the past few months but I’ll save that for next time! If Life doesn’t get in the way. hihi

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Gutom for Adventure

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Hannah

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Malong ni Mama : Healthy & Sustainable Relief Efforts For Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Survivors In Guiuan

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Hannah

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) has devastated parts of the Philippines, leaving thousands dead and millions lacking food, water, shelter, power, communication, and livelihood.

Read more about the devastation:
As you know we go through this kind of disaster pretty much every year, and tons of plastic and instant food is sent in relief goods. We understand there’s really a dire need for these instant-use goods, and there’s definitely a place for using these items in first-response situations, but we also really need to figure out sustainable long-term solutions to mitigate waste and help us be better prepared for the next disaster.
Sustainability means improving health, reducing waste, helping the environment, and restoring livelihood opportunities in order to help people in the long-term. Specifically that means reducing single-use plastic materials, using nutrient-dense low-cost practical local foods, using clever multipurpose items, and empowering people with clean technology and the means for them to begin rebuilding.

We, Filipino creatives Hannah Liongoren and Feanne Hontiveros Mauricio, are focusing on using local multipurpose health-promoting products with less wasteful packaging, for the remote islands in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, which was where the typhoon made landfall:
Malong Ni Mama: Healthy & Sustainable Relief Efforts For Guiuan

The “malong” is a traditional Pinoy multipurpose one-size-fits-all fabric rectangle that can be adapted for use as comfortable clothing, eco-friendly bag, blanket, baby crib, and so on. Guided by Hannah’s mom, Norma Liongoren, who’s done social work in Samar and is familiar with local culture and resources, we are putting together malong-wrapped packs filled with healthy and sustainable goodies for typhoon victims in Guiuan. Our target is to prepare at least a hundred packs by Wednesday, November 20, 2013.We are accepting donations in cash and in kind.
Send funds to Hannah Liongoren’s Paypal email address, or contact us for bank deposit details. Please let us know if you are sending funds so we can track your donations properly, thank you.

Drop off items at Liongoren Gallery, 111 New York Ave. corner Standford, Brgy. Ermin Garcia, Cubao, Quezon City. (For those who are nearby.)These are the items we plan to include in our packs:

Note: As much as possible, we are choosing products that are packaged in reusable containers, not tear-open plastic bags.

– Dried Fish
– Bagoong (traditional Pinoy shrimp/fish paste)
– Legumes (beans such as monggo)
– Dried Fruit
– Peanut Butter
– Banana Chips
Note: We are purchasing peanut butter (made with peanuts, butter, and coconut sugar) and banana chips from the livelihood projects of Foundation of Our Lady of Peace Mission run by Sr. Eva Maamo. ( This means we hit two birds with one stone– helping typhoon victims and supporting local communities at the same time!

– Malong
– Any clean clothes, sorted (adult and child) *

– Rain boots *
– Slippers *
– Rubber shoes *

– Lagundi Syrup
– Vitamin C
– Virgin Coconut Oil
– Malunggay Capsules

– Matches
– Solar Powered Cellphone Chargers *
– Water Purification Materials *

* Items marked with asterisks are those that we need more help in acquiring.

Please help us spread the word. <3 Thank you so much! Let us know your feedback or questions anytime.
– Hannah Liongoren ( & Feanne Hontiveros Mauricio (

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Posted on April 25, 2013 by Hannah

Just thought I’d follow up the last post with some random drawing i did just now.

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Same but different

Posted on April 24, 2013 by Hannah

Wow. I’ve been ignoring this journal for a very long time. My last post was from November, a month after I moved in with the lovely couple behind Electrolychee. Almost 6 months have passed and it would appear I’m moving out again, this time to another continent if my visa gets approved that is. This whole business of waiting and the anxiety of the unknown has been the center of my existence since the day I found out about my acceptance to graduate school. It starts this june – Gah. I’m at the point now where the universe is stirring my career towards a direction I thought I’ve out grown and It’s daunting that my sentiments from when I was a measly 22 year old cookie cutter in the gutter of Cubao X is coming into fruition – 6 years later. After I managed funding my studies in interior design about 4 years ago (WTHELL), I packed my t-square and markers and thought perhaps this may not be a serious career path for me, but alas I got into the graduate program in interior architecture in RISD. So yeah, that’s the bit I can’t digest yet. Until such time I’am fully aware what kind of voice I’ll be contributing to this industry, I won’t understand how this happened. Now, it’s a matter of finding that voice in between bouts of self doubt. /melodrama

So, What have I been up to the last 6 months?

February : Art month. I can’t even begin how that month traspired. It was a cacophony of Philippine art all over Manila which was glorious. They say it’s a good time to be in the art industry in the PH as the Philippines is making it’s mark all over the world with artists like Tapaya who’s been getting high accolades in the international scene. My family’s gallery set up an exhibit in this fair.

Art Fair Philippines 2013 from Neil DC on Vimeo.

January: These are WIP photos of props I made for the website of Liter of Light. I worked on this last September 2012 and it only came out about 2 months later. It’s been entering a number of advertising award shows as of recent by the agency BBDO Guerero who produced it. I heard it’s doing quite well. It was a good account, I had a lot of fun working on this.

Sometime in late 2012 : I got invited to do a talk about production design in Sari Dalena’s film class in UP. I was trying hard not to be awkward as seen in the photo below.

My little illustrator agency has been working on redesigning the website as of late 2012. We’ve been working with the talented Kara Villaseran in between a number of accounts we’re not yet allowed to publish. I’m really not suppose to publish this here now but I’m doing this a physical note to finish all work in the site and get it up and going..

Lastly, my dear friend Charlie of whom’ I’m proud to say is part founder of this studio in Melbourne, has came up with this site to chronicle our little postcard trading over the years.

That’s as far as I can recall for now. I’m really bad at this journal thing. buh.

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TOKWART x Crajes at Pablo Cubao X

Posted on November 14, 2012 by Hannah

Last Saturday, Wiji and I collaborated with  the lovely ladies of Crajes at Pablo X as TOKWART Space invasion.

Tokwart x Crajes from John Christian Del Rosario on Vimeo.

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Can’t complain really.

Posted on October 16, 2012 by Hannah

Life’s been good to me and I’ve nothing to complain about. Incidentally this makes so much sense!

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